Interim Chief Financial Officer Services



MMLLC will fill the role of Interim Chief Financial Officer (Interim CFO) for the organization on a part-time basis. The Interim CFO will establish and help lead the strategic financial direction of the organization, as well as the daily business operations. The Interim CFO will also be responsible for developing a financial operating plan for, monitoring and controlling cash flow, and improving operation efficiency and achieving targets agreed to with the President/CEO. The Interim CFO will assess current organizational structure, and determine the most appropriate structure to achieve objectives as defined by the President/CEO and make changes, as necessary. Finally, the Interim CFO will establish and define management systems to ensure that the various parts of the organization are synergistic.





If you think Madisan Mackenzie is like every other management consultant firm, think again. Our consultants take a personal approach that starts with a face-to-face meeting with you to discuss your business financial goals. We believe that building long-term relationships with our nearly clients is key to serving their financial needs, because that's the best way to get to know you and to help you reach your business goals.