Finance Organization Development


 CFOs today are faced with a complex, constantly changing business environment. Because of this dynamic environment, more than ever, CFOs need to act quickly and decisively to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their finance functions. Their enterprises' need strategies and customized tactics for managing through the downturn and the expected recovery. Their strategies need to not only be forward looking, but also supported by an efficient and effective finance organization that manages current day risk and compliance, and effectively leverages the enterprises' capital and maximizes its liquidity.


 Further, CFO’s need to align their finance organization’s functions with their enterprises' strategy by:


•Eliminating inefficient, manually intensive processes, disparate systems and data structures that are not integrated.

•Clarifying primary strategic objectives and aligning those objectives with core business improvement strategies.

•Designing the internal infrastructure to: guide, measure and enable the strategy's ultimate success.

•Training finance team leaders and staff on the new tools and processes.

•Implementing Key Performance Indicators to help the organization define and measure its progress



At Madisan Mackenzie, we understand the scope and complexity involved in transforming a finance operation so that it is prepared to take on the challenges of today’s economic landscape. Using our proven expertise in management of higher education finance functions, we will work with you to:


• Identify current performance gaps and the root cause of organizational obstacles

• Implement immediate organizational improvements and remediation

•Develop a strategic plan for achieving medium and longer term organizational improvement opportunities

•Develop metrics and measures aligned with organizational strategies

•Improve budget cycle time and forecast accuracy

•Deploy rolling forecasts and driver based planning concepts

•Implement cash flow forecasting capabilities

•Automate management and financial reporting processes

•Align planning, reporting and business intelligence processes, data, and systems

•Develop management dashboards and scorecards

•Define departmental roles and responsibilities

•Improve span of control and accountability in the Finance organization

•Develop rewards programs aligned with strategic performance measures




Evaluate business processes and determine gaps and opportunities for improvements.




Review internal controls for deficiencies and risk exposure.





If you think Madisan Mackenzie is like every other management consultant firm, think again. Our consultants take a personal approach that starts with a face-to-face meeting with you to discuss your business financial goals. We believe that building long-term relationships with our nearly clients is key to serving their financial needs, because that's the best way to get to know you and to help you reach your business goals.