Corporate Finance and Asset Management


Mergers and Acquisitions and Divestitures

Your ultimate goal in any merger or acquisition is to achieve the strategic business objectives of the transformed organization and maximize long-term organization returns. At Madisan Mackenzie, we work closely with your in-house resources and other advisors based on your needs. To make the process as efficient as possible, we use a proven four-stage process:

 Stage 1:  Target Evaluation

•Our strategic planning assistance involves consideration of the appropriate types of targets, including ideal transactional (direct) holding company structure, and:

•Best approaches for cash, stock and debt

•Likely rating agency concerns

•Public data appraisals

•We Identify and solicit, and negotiate with potential buyers/sellers

•We assess key financial value drivers and potential obstacles to a smooth transition, to help you evaluate the fitness of targets.


Stage 2:  Due Diligence

•For both buyers and sellers to manage the process successfully, due diligence must be comprehensive enough to reveal all strengths and opportunities, as well as weaknesses and risks of a potential merger. We work with clients to develop a strategic approach and target profile; perform strategic acquisition planning and due diligence to assess fit on multiple levels; and perform operational and financial due diligence.

•We work also work on the quantification of enhanced new business potential, and

•Likely impact of operations on future financial and liquidity

•Identification of expense and revenue synergies

•Pro formal financial projections of the combined entities.


Stage 3:  Integration Planning

•We develop detailed plans that allow you to implement your business strategy to ensure that the new organization's programs support its goals and strategies, and are in line with current business and economic realities.


Stage 4:  Implementation

•We help you achieve an efficient and seamless transition while you focus on short-term business results. We ensure that all stakeholders are fully engaged and that programs developed during integration planning are institutionalized.

•Develop management approach

•Set-up and facilitation of change teams

•Implementation of change management tools and plans.


Financings / Capital Sourcing

 Setting priorities and securing funding for public and private higher education facilities, particularly classroom and research buildings which do not have a related revenue-stream, is a growing concern across the country. Stable funding is an essential element in the resources on which institutions must draw to provide a wide range of high-quality programs to students and the community. Without the predictability of funds, institutional planning and expansion are severely constrained. At Madisan Mackenzie, the combination of experiences in management, corporate finance, and investment banking allows us to provide clients with multiple lending and private equity contacts. Being in a position to refer and introduce clients to the "right" business partners helps their organizations achieve their refinancing, recapitalization, and ownership transition objectives. Knowing the right sources is only half the job; telling the client's story well is also required. Madisan Mackenzie's analytical, modeling, and presentation capabilities allow the client to quickly and effectively communicate their business opportunity to the right capital source. We examine alternative capital sourcing - borrowing and equity - to supplement internal funding resources for our clients. Ongoing contact with source providers of the following types of debt and capital are key to accomplishing our clients’ funding requirements:

•Traditional bank lenders

•Commercial finance companies

•Specialized real estate lenders

•Asset based lenders

•Subordinated debt specialists

•Mezzanine debt providers

•Private equity sources

•Hedge funds


The Madisan Mackenzie Capital Sourcing Process strives to tailor our client's situation to the most likely capital sources. In order to minimize the time line required to accomplish the financing we provide the following:

•Understand the company's "real" borrowing or capital need

•Determine the use of proceeds

•Develop a comprehensive financing plan

•Prepare an offering memorandum or proposal

•Identify the most likely debt or equity capital sources

•Serve as an intermediary in the solicitation process

•Lead the negotiation process with lenders and/or investors

•Collaborate with attorneys, appraisers, etc, through funding and closing


Public Finance


Madisan Mackenzie will provide financial advisory services to your College or University for the issuance of debt under the HBCU Capital Financing Program or any other debt program unique to the institution. The firm will help lead the University in the implementation of the approved process and the effort to close the transaction. MMLLC will provide guidance to the University and its Board of Trustees to successfully complete this process. Additional responsibilities include:


 1) Management of daily activities associated with closing the transaction.

 2) Guide the selection of Working Group members and ensure that the group works from a University perspective.

 3) Monitor expenses of transaction.

 4) Serve as primary liaison with Working Group and University.

 5) Ensure compliance with all regulations as they apply to the financial responsibility of the


 6) Monitor the Sources and Uses of Funds to ensure maximum benefit to University.

 7) Assist President in the all phases of the issuance process.

The MMLLC will also provide a DEBT Management Policy to guide the University and its Board of

Trustees for future debt transactions.



If you think Madisan Mackenzie is like every other management consultant firm, think again. Our consultants take a personal approach that starts with a face-to-face meeting with you to discuss your business financial goals. We believe that building long-term relationships with our nearly clients is key to serving their financial needs, because that's the best way to get to know you and to help you reach your business goals.